Good Luck & A Benevolent God

Mandy Flannigan planned it all — the service, the wake, and her last ‘performance’ before an odd audience of family, neighbors, old lovers, a repentant ex-husband, and that special girlfriend of her niece. 

Mandy was unforgettable (that’s why someone dared photograph her in her coffin).
How much of the meaning in our lives has its source in a chance encounter? Do we choose our path, our friends and lovers or are they chosen for us? Told with wit and affection while poking fun at religion, race and society; this portrait returns to 1924 Boston where she elopes with Henry (Boston Brahmin) to New York City hoping to be a Broadway star. When the marriage fails, she makes a living in radio and music. Her life is a lively journey, colored with the unusual
characters she adopts as lovers and friends. She retires to suburban Connecticut, takes a lover and becomes the confidant of her lesbian niece. But when the decorative menagerie appears in the yard, the neighbors rally against her.

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